Daft Punk to score TR2N (finally)

Daft Punk are set to return to the big screen, this time composing the soundtrack to the forthcoming TR2N movie.

News hit the Upcoming Film Scores blog yesterday, stating that the French duo had been signed to create the soundtrack for the Tron sequel, which is pencilled in for a 2011 release. According to Pitchfork, Daft Punk’s management are still tight-lipped about the project, calling it a “rumour.”

However, the people over at Billboard have confirmed the story, adding that Thomas and Guy-Man have already assembled a new recording studio in LA specifically for the soundtrack. Speaking to Billboard back in 2007 about their forthcoming plans, Banglater expressed an interest in covering unexplored territory, something which this project looks to do. “The cool thing is that we’re always trying to do something that hasn’t been done, or ultimately, that we aren’t doing ourselves yet,” he explained. “It is challenging to get back in the studio and work with ideas we haven’t expressed before. Some ideas take time, but some just take a few weeks, so we’ll see.”



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